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LINMARK downloads via wireless transmission from all stations on course with our ChronoTrack equipment. Typically for a running event: Start Line, Finish Line, plus turn-around on course - especially good for events with two distances to confirm entrants in both events have completed the correct course. Also, can place readers at specified mile marks, if required, for the event. Multi-events such as a triathlon we place readers from start to finish: Swim Wave Check in which each wave must walk over to confirm entry into the water, Swim Exit, Bike Out, Bike In, Run Out, and Finish Line. Results include the five splits for each athlete.

For Relay Teams, if there is a separate area on course, we can also place readers at the holding area to confirm entry and exit onto the course. Depending on the wireless transmissions area, we are downloading each station during the race i.e. Splits.

Note: During the Great Chesapeake Bay Swim 4.4 Miles - point to point from start at Sandy Point State Park, on the Annapolis side of the twin bridges, back to the finish beach on the Eastern Shores of MD, each wave of the swim goes through the beach start scanning area to confirm each swimmer is entering the water at each wave start. The scanning process was being transmitted live, back to our timing computer confirming each swimmer who entered the water, 4.4 miles away at the finish area. This count is combined with any swimmer pulled during the swim, and the finishers count. Accurate, on-going, secure accountability. A must for all race directors.


Now, what do we do with all the data being transmitted during on- going event? We begin to post it as participants cross the finish line! Via: On site -- shortly after athletes finish, they just walk up to our bank of Chrome Notebooks, type in their bib number, click enter, and up comes their race day finish time. If a multi-event, splits are also included. Age groups, special divisions places are adjusted as participants continue to their finish. Also, if entrants included their social media contact info. such as cell phone number, twitter, etc., on their entry form . . . their results are also transmitted to their social media contact(s), and available shortly after they finish! Results are also being posted on our website. No waiting until race finish to view, no paper posting on boards or walls. Up to date, and current on how results should be performed. Our athletes are knowledgeable, and appreciate the extra level of performance. A win-win for the event and entrants.

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